The Already Late Store Opening

Coming out to the shows, and listening to the music and stuff is great, but it’s so ephemeral. It has a certain magic that comes from its impermanence, but it just doesn’t last.

You know what does last, though?


Beautiful, glorious, permanent stuff.

Everyone loves stuff. There’s stuff you can wear, stuff you can look at, stuff you can listen to, even stuff you can use to plug up holes in your air mattress because you keep letting the cat sleep on it with you and she keeps kneading the bed (I use an Already Late Sticker for just this purpose).

Lots of brands have stuff. Lots of bands have stuff.

And now, we have stuff.

Introducing the Already Late Band Store!

This one has been a long time coming. now you can support us (and get stuff!) even if you can’t make it out to the shows.

We’ve been looking forward to the Already Late store opening, for quite a while. For one, We get a chance to give you something that lasts longer than a half hour or so. But also, we think our merch is pretty cool, and we hope you really enjoy our stuff besides just “supporting the band”.

I mean, we’d much rather do this than kickstarter or gofund me or whatever…

We have plans for more merch, and other great ideas for the store, so sign up for the free fan club to stay in the loop.

Plus, if you sign up for the free fan club, you can get a membership card (free with other merch purchase).

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