I don’t know about you, but I love all roller coasters.

Yeah, of course I’m talking about our song (which was actually our first music video), but for right now I want you to imagine an actual roller coaster. Imagine the hills. Imagine the thrills. Imagine the pure excitement. [Don’t imagine waiting in line, it ruins the imagery]

Now, if you’re thinking about our song Rollercoaster and imagining an actual roller coaster, I’m willing to bet that you’re imagining a good old fashioned wooden roller coaster.

There’s something magical about wooden coasters.

Rollercoaster is a wooden coaster.

They have this organic charm and this nostalgic feel that you just can’t get with any other ride. Are they a little rickety? Yeah, but that’s what makes them so exciting. They’re a towering monument of Americana and stand there as a reminder that people enjoyed cheating death over 200 years ago (yeah, I looked it up, roller coasters date back to 1817).

But then we switched the style up.

Okay, now imagine a steel roller coaster. Think about the speed, the height, the crazy curves. They can do maneuvers that wooden coasters could never contort themselves to do. They have loops. They have corkscrews and barrel rolls. Some of them launch you out of the station or even run backwards.

There’s nothing like a wooden coasters, but there’s also nothing like a steel coaster.

The Rollercoaster Remix is a steel coaster

This time, we’re going for over the top thrills! The Rollercoaster Remix produced by Hakase, takes the fun of the original, and remakes it into a steel powerhouse. The quirky uke track has been turned into a club banger, with enough loops and spins to keep you holding on for dear life.

It’s faster, it’s more modern, but it’s still the same rollercoaster you know and love!

So throw your hands up, and try the new ride.


Wow, what a long extended metaphor. I’m not even sure if it makes any sense. Anyway, listen to the song on all major music services, and of course the video on YouTube. Also, like, subscribe, follow and all that stuff, too.

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