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I ain’t going nowhere, I’m right here with you!

Foreign Exchange- Already Late

We’ve got a brand new song for you!

We’re so happy to bring you the demo for our new song Foreign Exchange. We’ve been hard at work on this song for quite some time, but we have’t had the chance to play it live for you yet.

Everyone has something that they can’t seem to thrive without. It can be an activity you do, a place you go, or a person you love.This song is about celebrating your thing, your Mary.

The song also takes some inspiration from the Genki series of Japanese Textbooks. As you know, Jest A King and I both studied Japanese and used the Genki textbooks in our first few semesters. The name Mary comes from one of the main characters in the lessons.

Foreign Exchange not only references the character Mary, who is a foreign exchange student, but also our attitude towards music. We love blending Japanese and English lyrics, as well as aspects of several genres and styles. But, the title also alludes to the “give and take” concessions that are part of any successful relationship. Whether it’s a relationship with a person, or just a part of your life, there are always some exchanges that need to occur. There are trade offs, there are issues, and there are conversations. Still, all of it is worth it in order to have your “Mary” in your life.

My “Mary” is making music (and I’m sure the same goes for the rest of the band). Just like any relationship, it can be frustrating sometimes. I may sit down with an idea, and come out with something completely different (You know, Mary be buggin’ sometimes). But at the end of the day, there’s really nothing else I would rather be doing.

Alright, I’ve said enough. Listen to Foreign Exchange on SoundCloud

If you thought we were just lazing around not doing anything this whole time, you couldn’t be more wrong. And we’ve still got more stuff coming down the pipe!

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