Here’s our story…

Tired, excited and a little hungry, the band arrive at the venue just after 3:15 pm. They park the car and lift the most important of their instruments out of the back. The sounds of WANIMA, Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots or Enter Shikari emanate from the open doors in the brief seconds before the engine is turned off and the power cut. Jest A King (Niguel Quinn), the front man, takes point as they walk the short trip back to the entrance to the venue. He greets the doorman, and asks him where they should go for load in.

“Which band are you?” the doorman says.

“We’re Already Late” Jest A King says. He braces for what he knows will happen next.

“Actually, you guys are a little early.” The door-person chuckles. In his head, he is the first person to ever make that joke. B-Stixx (Bianca Sanchez), the drummer, rolls her eyes and tilts her head knowingly to Jest A King. He reciprocates. The bassist, Hakase (Eben Eleazer), who wanted to unload in as few trips as possible, finally makes it to the entrance. He is carrying at least two gig bags.

“Through there,” the door-person says.

“Thanks,” says Jest A King

“Thank you, zir” B-Stixx says

Once load in is sorted, Already Late steps out to get a bite to eat before sound check. They find a local hole in the wall near the venue.  While waiting for their food to arrive, they talk about the upcoming show.

“I can’t believe how far we’ve come.” B-Stixx says. “I’m about to be drumming in front of a sold-out show. We released our ‘Overdue’ EP. We got a music video! We fucking played a show in Japan!”

“Remember back in Philly? freezing in B’s garage while practicing. Or all those times we schlepped all our stuff on the Megabus to meet JaK in New York?”

“Yeah, it’s crazy” says Jest A King. “This is our year, y’all”

Already Late takes the stage towards the end of the night. B-Stixx counts them in, and they explode into the first track on the set-list. King, flows from singing to rapping, from guitar to ukulele all while exuding an on stage persona that screams “rock-star”. B-Stixx’s drums swell and burst, making time itself a slave to the band’s whims. Gluing it all together are Hakase’s bass lines, and backing vocals, making sure the songs are groovy and solid.

Every song in their set is different. They blend and cross genres as if they were trying on clothes in a thrift store. Hip-Hop fuses with pop-punk. English lyrics are intermixed with Japanese. Indie, funk and hardcore all find their place. But, beneath this eccentricity and eclecticism, is a subtle cohesion that says, “That is definitely an Already Late song”. As wild and diverse as the show seems, it can be expressed easily by a single word: fun. By the end of the night, not a single person is left uninterested.

“They sound like Green Day and Drake had a baby, and it was raised by ONE OK ROCK” one newly converted fan says. 

After the show, a booking manager from another venue in the city approaches Jest A King and asks how he can contact Already Late.

Email is the most direct way” says Niguel

“You’ll be hearing from me, soon.” She says.