We’re Playing Shows Again!

We’re ready to go! @The Bowery Electric 8/20/21

With “Little Kid Dreams” all wrapped up (and on streaming platforms everywhere *wink*) and venues starting to open back up (…for now, but don’t get me started), It’s about time we got back out in front of you beautiful people. It’s been a long time (even longer for me [Hakase] ) and we’re excited to be back. Not to mention we finally get to play some of the songs from the new album. Look forward to live versions of all your favorites now that we’re playing shows again.

We’ve played a show at The Bowery Electric last Friday (8/20). And are planning to play more shows in the near future. We’re even working on something super special in the next few months. (hint: fangs out) Needless, to say, watch this space!

It’s not just live shows we’re talking about either. For one, we’ll be streaming the shows on OnlyFans1. In fact, the last show is on there and will be up for a few more days. So, if you’re still apprehensive about crowds and events, you can still enjoy the show and support our music.

We have several plans for upcoming projects, both related to L.K.D. and some stand-alone content. I hate to keep teasing things, but I just don’t want to ruin the surprise. The fact is, we’ve got loads of ideas and you’re just going to have to wait and see.

We also have new merch coming out soon. But more on that later.

In other news

You may have noticed we have a new touring guitarist! That’s Franco. He’s super dope and you can look forward to see him at our shows. Follow him on IG or something.

Also we’re celebrating over 8000 streams from our debut LP “Little Kid Dreams”. This really is a dream come true for us, so we wanted to say thank you for listening. And now that I think about it, thank you for reading this, too. It’s because of real fans like you that any of the things we do are possible.

1yes, we know, in fact, it made the decision of which service to pick even easier! At least for me…

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